Group Benefits

Group Benefits

Carman and Fairbanks Insurance Services, Inc.
Trusted Benefits Advisor for you and your team

Small business employers may not need to offer benefits, but let’s face it – acquiring and retaining quality employees is the employer’s number one challenge. Offering a strong yet flexible benefits package is often the key.

Our clients know they can trust us to help guide them through the changing benefits landscape and to deal with new responsibilities in the wake of legislative and regulatory developments. Since we are appointed by insurance carriers, there is never a cost for using our services – all the benefits at no cost!

Consultation and Enrollment. We work with all carriers in the state to provide your company with the right portfolio of plans – whether just a medical plan or a suite of benefits. For your out of state employees, we ensure they have access to a robust network of providers.

Administration.  Our office remains your single point of contact, providing dedicated support for your HR team and employees.  We assist with health issues, claims issues, benefits questions, new hires and terminations, carrier billing, renewals, and many other functions that help keep your coverage functioning smoothly.  Whether you need COBRA administration, pre-tax payroll deduction (POP Plans), HR Support tools, Online Enrollment tools and more, we are your source for up to date information.

Renewals.  We have a proactive renewal process that includes a collaborative process to maintain plans that meet your needs. We keep abreast of carrier trends per county to ensure competitive rates.  Keep in mind, a group can change a medical plan at any time – not only at renewal time.

With over 35 combined years of experience, our depth of knowledge, high level of service, and our honesty are the qualities our clients appreciate.

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