Travel Plans for Seniors

Travel Plans for Seniors

Medicare does not cover foreign travel emergencies, unlike many other medical plans.  Some Medicare Supplement plans, such as Plan F, do include a limited foreign travel emergency benefit.  If you are planning a trip abroad, we recommend looking at a travel plan to cover possible medical emergencies – and much more.   

Did you know there are travel plans designed with the Senior in mind?  If you have Medicare with a Medicare Supplement, let us show you the plan designed for you.  With the cost of travel trips these days, you may want to protect your investment as well as your health.  Check out travel plans that covers benefits such as Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and Rental Car Damage.  

We will help you find the right plan for your needs.  We offer a wide variety of plans from International Medical Group (IMG), HTH, and Petersen International.   

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IMG is one of the finest travel insurance companies available, with many plans based on your specific travel needs.  If you have a Medicare Supplement, consider the GlobeHopper Senior plan.

HTH Travel plans offer plans for Seniors, Student plans, Single trips, or Long Term International plans.  Click here for plan information and applying:


GeoBlue includes Long Term Travel, Multi-Trip, and Voyager Single Trip Insurance.