Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans

Rates for all individual health plans are regulated by the California Department of Insurance, so why use an agent?  Getting the right plan and afterwards, getting service on that plan is essential in the current complex world of ACA (the Affordable Care Act).  Do you qualify for a subsidized plan on the exchange, Covered California? If not, you should consider an Off-Exchange plan. Reach out to us.   We’ll help you know the difference.   We’ll guide you through the complicated world of insurance plans, so that you find a plan to fit your budget and coverage needs.  

When can I apply?

  • Annual Open Enrollment – Plans start the first day of the year, every year.  Open Enrollment begins in November and typically runs through December (this may change year to year).  
  • Special Open Enrollment – if you have lost coverage from your employer plan, your parent’s plan, COBRA, if you just got married or had a baby, or other possible situations, you may qualify for a Special Open Enrollment.  Save your documents – you’ll need them! Contact us for a quote and our help.

I am a low income earner.  How do I get a subsidy?

Covered California’s focus is individuals who qualify for a tax subsidy or Medi-Cal, while the off-exchange plans (including Blue Shield, Kaiser, Sutter and others) use a simplified application process for those individuals who would not qualify for the subsidy (income over 400% of the FPL). This part of the Affordable Care Act has not gone away!  Use our link to Covered California to Get a quote now.

I don’t qualify for a subsidy so what are my choices?

You’ll find many choices of Off-Exchange health plans, by clicking here to Get a quote now.      

Child Only Health Plans 

You’ll find many choices of Off-Exchange health plans for children, by clicking here to Get a quote now.    

Once you’ve gotten your quote, we’ll help you apply – so contact us right away.